|| Haven Community School FAQ’s ||

  • What is the cost of the program?

      This a tuition-free program. There is a student fee of $350 per term which                        covers the cost of curriculum and consumables. 


  • What is classical education?

      Learn more about classical education here.


  • Is my student required to wear a uniform?

      Yes. In order to create an atmosphere of learning and camaraderie, students are              required to wear uniform polo shirts. Shirts may be ordered on the Haven School            website. 


  • Do you provide curriculum for me to use at home?

      We plan to create a curriculum library with materials available for annual check-out.        Consumable curriculum and materials are provided for each student. 


  • Will my student have homework?

      Students have home assignments for each of the offered courses. Coursework                varies depending on the class. Home assignments are designed to be completed            alongside the partnering home instructor. Assignments will be clearly                              communicated through an online education platform. 


  • What are the requirements of teachers in this program?

      Teachers are required to have a mastery of their academic discipline and have a              strong ability to convey content and exemplify virtue to young people. Teachers              are not required to hold a CO teaching license. 


  • Am I required to volunteer?

     There are numerous opportunities for you to be involved in your students’                        learning, but there is no formal volunteer requirement.


  • Does Haven School provide testing?

      Assessment in the classroom is implemented weekly to ensure mastery and                    understanding of all offered courses. Haven does not provide formal state testing.


  • Will my student receive grades?

      Instead of arbitrary letter grades Haven focuses on collaborating to create a yearly        learning portfolio for each student. Their portfolio includes a representation of                their work from the school year, along with teacher feedback and assessments.              This communicates a students’ learning more effectively than a grading system.              Students also receive a written assessment each term from their course teachers.

  • Does Haven provide a high school transcript?

      Haven School works alongside students and home instructors to create a high               school portfolio. As the primary educators, parents are responsible for students'             transcript.

  • Will there be field trips?

      Students will have one field trip, or course intensive, per month, on a Friday                    morning or afternoon, directly related to a course of study. 


  • Do you have an option for my 11th/12th grade student?

      We have plans to continue building our program to include upper school and hope        to offer classes for upper high school during the 2021-2022 school year. 

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