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Haven Community School is a state-funded homeschool enrichment program serving families in the Colorado Springs area. At Haven, we care about whole-person education; nurturing students' body, mind, and spirit beyond mere future career focus. Haven School cultivates a life-long love of learning by providing rich academic and arts enrichment courses in the classical tradition practiced in an intentionally beautiful learning environment alongside an invested collective of teachers, parents, and community support. Our school thrives through family participation and community partnership. 


Haven offers classical enrichment classes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons on the Eastside of Colorado Springs for

7th-10th grade (adding 11th-12th in 2021). Our courses are designed to support homeschooling families in the areas most needed: Science, Studio Art, and World Languages.


Families are also invited to enroll in morning liberal arts classes at a private program offering a full humanities course including History, Literature, Poetry, and Composition, and Classical Performance.


In addition to these core courses, Haven offers enrichment and community opportunities through both public and private programs, creating a robust curriculum for a fraction of the cost of conventional school.